Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mom won

Snake update: Mom won and the snake left before bed last night. Sure glad I didn't have to leave. Mark did tell me he was going to leave the top of the cage open to let me think the snake had escaped and was somewhere in the house- I didn't find the humor, but Elisha thought it was terribly funny! He's into snakes now, and thinks he and Daddy are going to Walmart to buy a glass cage as big as our dining room to fit a snake into it. What ever happened to puppies?... or goldfish?... tried a bird once- that didn't work out.... nothing normal about this family!
And Carrie- that's a GREAT idea- you're censored! LOL- just kidding! Mark just LOVES that everyone is siding with him!
Have to get back to work- the 'Taj' is looking a bit run-down ;)

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