Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Squirrel Comments Appreciated- kind of ;)

Hey all you squirrel lovers- thanks for the comments on my different blog sites-- Mark is gloating in the support he's received- I, on the other hand am still holding to my cruelty-to-squirrels position. For the record: yes, there are kernels of corn missing, but NO one has seen a squirrel eat from the thing. And did I mention there is a little bell that rings when the squirrel is bungee jumping away? Well, the only time it's gone off was when Jacob said 'Hey Daddy- watch this" and pulled the bungee cord back as far as he could so it would fling across the tree. What does this mean? It means there can't be any squirrel videos BECAUSE THE SQUIRRELS ARE STILL OUT-SMARTING THE HUMANS!!!!!

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Chuck said...

I never noticed them in rural PA, but in the city, smart or not, squirrels are just cute rats. They'll render your car inoperable by chewing on the battery cables and other rubber connection hoses. They try to nest in your roof, chimney, or apartment building crawlspaces. (Not to mention raccoons.) And they're everywhere! Go Mark! :)