Saturday, November 10, 2007

Updates- craft show, karate, & squirrels- Mark speaks

Craft show is done- Yay! Could have done better, could have done worse. Overall, an enjoyable day and glad I can sell the extra pretzels at the downtown craft store!

My helpers: (if that's what you can call them-LOL)

Moving on to karate updates-- someone just asked me if we are still attending class... uh, that would be yes as my leg told me when we sparred last week. Still loving it- OK- not loving sparring, but still keeping a good attitude :) Someday I will learn to block whatever hit me on my leg- ha ha!!

And onto squirrels-- Mark would like to thank everyone who has given their input on my various blog sites- he appreciates your support and wanted to comment directly leaving his own 2 cents but didn't know my passwords-- hee hee!

My turn: hmmm.... wonder why not one little kernel of corn has been removed from the cob???? BECAUSE THE SQUIRRELS ARE SMARTER THAN HUMANS AND THEIR CRUEL CONTRAPTIONS!!! To be continued...

Have a great weekend!!

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