Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Miss Elizabeth turns 5- sort of

Today was little Elizabeth's birthday. When she woke up, I told her she was finally 5 years old. She responded that she did NOT want to have her birthday here until her birthday at Grandma's was done. When this girl speaks, she KNOWS what she's talking about and EXACTLY what she wants. So- since it's her bday, festivities will have to be held off until next week with Jacob's birthday. He, on the other hand declared TODAY is his birthday! (not until the 29th). She did allow me to have a yummy raw fruit bday cake to 'kind of' celebrate, which she said you HAVE to make this
again for ME mommy! Until next week :)......


Carrie said...

Where's the recipe for the cake????

JuJu's Place said...

Recipe request-- here's the link.

Came out pretty yummy, but my avocado's weren't quite ripe enough. (LOVE hiding avocados in desserts the kids have NO idea they're in there!) Keep dessert frozen, but thaw a bit before eating. Next time I might replace some of the figs with dates.