Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Our evening debate

OK all, help me out here! This is our debate of the evening-- I've accused certain male family members of leaving the toilet seat up-ALL the time-- and they have debated back: Why should we leave the seat down as a courtesy for women, and women not leave it up as a courtesy for men? I gave my proper etiquette reasons, and as a quiet, submissive wife, I humbly, gently, and meekly :) (ok- maybe meekly is a little extreme) debated back. They weren't buying it and the consensus was to open this debate to the public blog readers. Why should MEN have to put the lid down? Do they in your house? Should it be just the lid or the seat? That was another debate- "how come the lid has to be closed, too"? (Please note that the 'how come' wasn't spoken from my homeschooled students!) Help me out! I need some more ammunition- from a TOTALLY quiet, gentle-spirited wife of course :) How's that one for down-to-earth, real family life?


James said...

I'm a guy with a wife and two daughters. When my son and I go when leave it down. The main reason we leave it down is because if the ladies don't realize it's up they literally fall in. So we decided it was better for us to put it down.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with James, if it's not down, then the ladies are in trouble. I was raised to always make sure the seat and the lid are down. It makes the bathroom more appropriate to look at when someone walks in. Though the toilet may be clean, it makes the bathroom look complete and cleaner when they are down. :-)

Chuck said...

It's down for me too most of the time unless I'm dead tired or in a hurry. I was never raised that way, though. It's just a habit I developed over time. It's not hard, it takes all of half a second of effort, and it keeps everybody happy. Sorry, fellas.