Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weekend Outings

It was another SUPER busy weekend! We arrived at Gma and Gpa Tony's to see a new camper parked beside the house for the children to have TONS of fun sleeping in- I intended on taking lots of picts of their first night in it, but waited too long as my camera battery ran out :(. We're definitely talking a step up from the tent days!!

Then, on to a fall drive to the spillway in Pymatuming, PA. The children had a great time feeding the fish- Jacob said- forget the fish! I'm keeping these bread cubes for myself- and most of his bag ended up in his own belly.

LOTS of VERY hungry fish!

The next day was another beautiful fall day- had to take advantage (besides it was better than watching the Steelers lose-- they were so close, too) and headed out for another fall activity. Went to Coolspring, PA for a 10 acre corn maze and hayride. The children opted to do the hay ride, but had the most fun running around the hay maze just outside of the corn field.

It's beautiful fall days like this that make you want to pack it all up and head to your own homestead in the country- maybe someday........

I was SOOO upset that this is where my camera battery died-:( There were limitless awesome pictures I could have had here- next year we're have to try it again- this time with a full camera battery!

Upon return home, the children were immediately in the mud and dirt made by the brick project outside. (More picts on that to come.) Elisha was a bit perturbed that his sister stepped on the underground tunnel he was building, caving it in. Ahhh ... siblings. HOW did my husband and I EVER make it without them????

Thanks for a great weekend Mom and Tony!!

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Chuck said...

Love the last picture. Remember how exasperated we would get when our parents thought how cute we were when we were mad? Ha ha! Being old has it's perks.