Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas to Me

It doesn't happen very often as I'm not a deep philosopher, but here it is... a blog of 'thought' from within.

Went for a walk the other night and as I rounded the corner I was stopped in my tracks by one of the most beautifully lit Christmas trees I've seen in a long time. And that got me thinking-- just what does Christmas mean to me? Sure, there's plenty of over-commercialization, too many unnecessary gifts and materialism, and WAY too many events to keep you busy if you can't say no... but what about the good things? For many years I had a bad taste for the Season. We belonged to an organization for a long time that taught about all the dangers of Christmas and over-worship of material things like Christmas trees, etc. While that can be true in many instances, I failed to see any good in the season and dreaded it's arrival more each year- definitely NO love and joy, and almost felt guilty for any joy I did feel connected with 'worldly' sites and sounds.
I can honestly say the fun, child-like eyes of wonder and life are returning and it's a REALLY good feeling! The dread is gone and replaced with 'life!'
As a Christian, the obvious answer of celebrating would be the birth of Christ. To me there's more. We should all feel the 'love' of Christmas all year long, but how many of us do? At least for a small season we can be reminded of the joy that should stay with us throughout the year, but often doesn't. For one 'Silent Night', peace, hope, faith, and dreams return... maybe, this new year will be different- a new year full of dreams fulfilled and new dreams made. When I look into my little boy's widened, excited eyes as he gazes at the Christmas lights, I am reminded of the wonder, hope and newness that the good Lord brings us. Again- I know we are supposed to have that all year, but sometimes we just need a little reminder.

I guess that's what Christmas is to me--- love, wonder, joy, hope, renewed faith. And a time to share with loved ones-- yes, we should take that time throughout the year, but I'm thankful that we are able to do it at least at Christmas-- So.... Merry Christmas All!
PS. Finding that 'perfect' gift that bring tears (of joy of course) is pretty fun too! (And that's not often difficult with PapPap :)

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