Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lots of goodies and Happy BDay PapPap

On Friday we celebrated PapPap's Bday-- in lieu of spending a ton of money on a gift, we spent the day together in the Strip District. It almost got postponed AGAIN due to the snow, but we went anyway and avoided huge crowds- yay!
This is one of our favorite eating establishments-- sandwiches to die for~
The children weren't too thrilled- they actually had to wait for their food- if it's not a buffet restaurant, count them out- We had a great afternoon buying lots of yummy treats-- Happy Birthday PapPap!
On to today's morning-- 67 chocolate covered marshmallows, 70 chocolate covered oreo's, and 100 pretzel rods-- not bad for a few hours work- hooray for Christmas orders!

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Sandwiches? Who eats sandwiches there? It's the PIZZA that is to die for!! Maybe Mark's dad and I should go out on a date being that we have the same favorite restaurant and all ;)

You are the Chocolate Goddess aren't you? How in the world aren't you +300lbs?! I just can't have that in the house or I'd eat it all!

See ya Tuesday!