Saturday, December 15, 2007

Night at the ...Science Center

As I write it's snowing beautiful snow-globe snow- the kids are LOVING it!
It's the 'morning after' the BIG Science Center Sleepover. Daddy took Elisha and Lydia on their adventure last night- and they had a BLAST! Not sure if any of them really slept.
They terrorized the whole building with free reign as they (and the other 'campers') had the building to themselves.
They had snacks, watched The Polar Express on the IMAX- LOVED that, (Lydia said her belly was getting sick because it was like being on a train roller coaster.) learned about meringue, and made Gingerbread House pieces. PHEW! That's A LOT to cram into an evening.
Here Elisha is learning about eggs and meringue.
Gingerbread Time~ Elisha said he was glad they weren't able to bring any pieces home- because Mom would eat them-- not true! Everyone made pieces for a large Gingerbread Display that will be left up until after Christmas.
Sleeping arrangements-- ANYwhere you could find a spot. Daddy said he's bringing an air mattress next time.

They had a super-fun time, and are a little bored at the moment with 'nothing' to do they say-- What does that feel like??

Had to throw in a picture of our Christmas Countdown- yes it starts with day 10-- just a little late this year. Better late than never, right?? Happy 9 days :)

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