Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lost teeth and my little musicians

A little behind on the weeks events-- the house is recovering from a bout of colds/flu and Mom's moving a little slow today. So today will be the recap from Tuesday's Symphony performance. But first: Little Lydia FINALLY lost her front two teeth. She was going to have to have them pulled, but she decided that she'd work on them herself, and out they came- YAY! No traumatic dentist experience- phew! We had to attend practice for the Wheeling Symphony on Ice Christmas Show during the day on Tuesday. Lydia had a little trouble concentrating with all of the skater's practicing on the ice- how's a girl to sing with so much to look at? :)You can get an idea of the layout- it was much prettier in the evening with the dark arena and show lights on the ice! The children sat in the seats above the orchestra- I'd say there were 200-300 elementary/high school students singing. Ready for the show- Lydia was a bit upset that she had to wear the standard white shirt/black pants and couldn't wear her Christmas dress. The show was beautiful- brought tears to my eyes hearing all of the little voices. Now I'm not too sure that my children even sang any notes, but I was proud because they practiced so hard and overcame their nerves. I asked Elisha if he'd like to do it again-- he said No. I asked why- he said "I thought it would never end and I was thirsty." Mom may have to override next year anyway :) Lydia loved watching the skaters. I told them most people have a little school Christmas play- they got to have theirs with the 'pro's'. Loving the homeschool opportunities here :) I told the children to be on their best behavior as the show will be on TV Christmas Day, and made sure they knew anything they do can be seen by everyone. I caught Elisha picking his nose and I'm secretly hoping that's on the tape just for the wonderful blackmail material it would provide when he's older-LOL :) Mean mom, I know! Had to throw in the above picture of some of my Yankee Candle purchases. I also threw in a picture from today of a 'winter-snowed-in-game afternoon'. Little Elizabeth appeared to be manipulating things to her advantage. Watch out little one-- Jacob will get bigger :) OK Carrie- tomorrow I'll answer your tag. ;)

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Carrie said...

Tell me when they'll be on tv and I'll tivo it.

LOVE those candels!! I love pretty candles but it doesn't seem like anyone knows this so I have to buy them for myself--which I feel guilty about doing. Mom guilt you know. LOL

I'm glad that everyone is getting better. Hope they are enjoying the snow. The boys are loving it!!

See you Tuesday if you are all well.