Thursday, December 27, 2007

More concerts, parties, and presents

Phew! What a week!
If I can remember the events, here's where we've been.
The week started off with the traditional family Wheeling B.E. Taylor concert.
We're READY NOW Mom!

Stopped at a quaint coffee house before the show- the kids had their own hot chocolate-

and drank EVERY last drop!

I'm not sure if they were more excited for the music to start, or to get their popcorn- as Jacob has a mouth full of here. Kind of reminds me of the squirrels storing their nuts :)

We were all a little disappointed that the Capitol Music Hall had to be shut down, but the concert was still just as good- and our seats helped a bit too ;). We were in the second row a few feet from the stage. Obviously, as you can see in the next photos, I don't have all the nifty settings on our camera figured out, so bear with the fuzziness- but you can still get the idea. The children's favorite part- drummer-boy time- after this, they all dozed a bit. They were just too excited to take naps earlier, as I was informed by Lydia. The children's choir during 'Let There Be Peace on Earth.' 'I Saw Three Ships' On to the Day After- Christmas Eve. We opened our gifts then because Mark had to work/sleep on Christmas morning. This is the children performing their gift to us- their version of 'I Saw Three Ships.' I'll figure out how to post the video later. It was really cute.
LET ME OPEN NOW :) The girls and their new dress-up items. Our feast.
I was even adventurous and tried creme brulee. It actually turned out pretty yummy! Christmas Day at my Aunt's-- GGma and all of her Grandchildren. Too much excitement!
Now that I've totally bored you all with our family photos- I'll let ya go for now. We're off to more celebrations- hope your week is going well! Happy New Year!

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