Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daily Life

'Normal' day-to-day life with 4 little ones is busy to say the least, and the past few weeks have been no exception. We decided it would be beneficial for Elisha to participate in the production of an Easter play, knowing it would require many extra trips- 10 per week to be exact, making a total of 17 extra-curricular events. But weighing the 'cost' with what we believed Elisha needed to do has proved to be quite beneficial. He is learning life lessons of getting work done in a prioritized order, adhering to a stricter schedule to allow for the 'fun stuff' like plays, getting along with a group, following orders from someone other than Mom, and feeling the satisfaction of doing a great job. We can't wait to see the finished product next week!

Our daily routine for the past few weeks has been:

4am- up with Daddy to get him off to work
5am- shut-eye for a quick nap after he leaves
6:30am- kids up, dressed, breakfast, chores
7:30am- leave for play practice
9:15am- arrive back home to do school, piano practice
12pm- lunch
12:30pm- attempt to finish school ;)
1:30pm- leave for 2nd play practice
3:15pm- arrive home, make dinner, get Elisha dressed for Karate
4pm- eat dinner
4:30pm- off to karate for Elisha
6:30pm- home and get ready for our karate
7:30pm- leave for our karate
9:15pm- arrive home, little ones tucked in bed, Mom tries to finish up loose ends from the day- and believe me there are lots of those- most of which get carried over until the next day- and the next day...

And that is a day in the life at JuJu's place~ add making dinner, laundry, minimal cleaning, baths, and a few computer time-outs, and you get one pretty busy day. Thankfully Daddy is not working daylight shifts now, so he has been home to help- and start more demo-projects on the house- more on that tomorrow~ three cheers for Daddy!!

While we were finishing school yesterday, the office grew strangely quiet- and I discovered why: Jacob had enough-

And Carrie- this picture's for you-- the Taj Mahal has been neglected- check out the cobwebs I found yesterday- I'll have to do something about that- in a few weeks :)


Tiff said...

Where and when will the Easter play be ?

Carrie said...

Ahh that is the best picture I've seen yet today ;)

I think all it proves is that you don't come in the front door enough and you slip your "guests" in through the basement construction zone so you don't have to worry about cleaning it ;)

I'll have to find a picture of a messy area of my house--picking just one will be hard ;) But I think I would go with the boys' room and Matt's laundry *ugh* (It's his half of the room and I wash the laundry he can clean up after himself LOL!!)

Thanks for the love.

Lauri said...

I'm so happy to see the cobwebs - now I don't feel so bad...I don't think I have any of those right now, but only 'cause the winds have blown them out...just don't look on my window sills as each one has its own sandbox...Jacob is simply pooped...too cute!! I think we all feel like that sometimes..

Tell Elisha good luck with the play!!

Luv ya