Thursday, March 27, 2008

Guess it's pretty official...

...don't think there will be a garden this year.
The little ones (and big one too) have worked for days now.

Shovel after shovel, load after load.

Elisha preferred to make tunnels from his pile.

Yes- we must be the only family with a huge orange tent in their backyard-- before the evening temps have climbed out of 30 degrees. At least we'll be ready when the weather does break-- or should I say -at least 'they'll' be ready when the weather breaks :)

All that work makes for nice, long naps! And where are the other two and Daddy right now? Yep- buying more supplies. We must complete the back with a split-rail fence you know.... who needs an addition??? I could just ship them all outside to their new living quarters :)


Carrie said...

Man they work fast and he extended the mulch in front of the tent! Amazing man.

Keep up the good work!

Lauri said...

Wow - they sure are efficient - why not continue the effort here in Texas where I have spring cleaning - whaddya say - free room and board for all? I'll send you the itinerary - heck - I'll even buy a tent for them to sleep in!! It's definitely out of the 30's around here - we had the AC on today..not that I'm bragging or anything..heehee

Luv ya.