Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's here!

Time to put a new ticker on the top of the page (think it will have to be a countdown until Monty II hatches- or doesn't )-- spring is finally 'officially' here! YAY! Never mind the temps aren't supposed to make it out of the 30's- at least it's sunny :)
We had to celebrate by making pussy-willow pictures. The children took white paper, folded it in half and cut curves that when opened, formed the vase. (Great lesson in symmetry :) ) Then we added magic-marker stems and the fuzzy pussy-willows using Qtips dipped in brown, then white paint. Can you guess who's picture has three vases? Yep- that would be Elizabeth.

You have to love it when children make little pictures from the heart-- here mommy- this is you- you're a princess. (Her drawing of the hair isn't too far off!)

Off for a relaxing afternoon--theatrical feature of the day: The Greatest Story Ever Told. Elisha is fascinated with that Easter movie. Happy Spring!


Carrie said...

You guys are quick and crafty. I have half a cat leg and a new windshield to show for my afternoon.

I am so glad spring is here!!!

Lauri said...

Me thinks Elizabeth REALLY liked creating the pussy willows - or perhaps she just loves decorative vases - either way, everyone did a great job!! Beautiful -

p.s. - she might have just been drawing a picture of my hair also, especially lately with the winds...

love ya!