Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My newest quest

It's time. I've been saying it for years and I'm hoping I'm not jinxing myself by saying what I'm going to do-- sometimes stating what you want to do seems to bring the forces of opposition upon you all the more. It's been like the plague for years now-- those few excess fluffy extra pounds. I decided to figure out just what my weight should be, and discovered that I'm not just fluffy, but according to the overweight BMI charts I'm (GASP!) bordering the obese point. Not good, and not the example I want to set for our little ones.

What am I going to do about it? I'm actually pretty active, so exercise isn't my downfall-- it's all in the sugar, sugar, and too much sugar that I love so much. Tried Weight Watchers, and think it's a great program- until I manipulate it so I can forgo eating all day and bank my points for a DQ blizzard before bed. Not the healthiest way of weight loss. Scratch that one for me.

Because of illness a few years ago we changed our eating habits to consist of whole foods, primarily fruits, vegetables, and their juices. I felt great and was 40 pounds lighter. But, unfortunately I went back to my old staples of-- sugar, sugar, sugar, plus now, a new found, addictive discovery of Starbucks - and we're not talking just black coffee!

Back to the basics. This is day 1 of a 21-day challenge for me. And why am I boring you with the details? In an effort to stay accountable to the program because knowing I'll have to report periodically to my few faithful readers should be a motivation to write in the evening instead of eating a chocolate bar. In the past few years I've probably become an expert in theory in ways of eating, especially in the raw food arena. Think I've read every book on the subject out there. Every different 'program' has it's own spin. I've come to the conclusion that you have to find what works for you. I just haven't put the knowledge into true practice.

Because it's not a strict 100% raw food program, I've chosen Natalia Rose's 21 Day challenge, with a few tweaks of my own that I know works for our family. It's also one I can stay with 'for life' -it's simple, and close to the way we ate when we were eating healthy. As we all know diets don't work, lifestyle changes do.

That's my new qwest-- when it comes time to test again for karate- I want to be my best, or well on my way to my best. I want to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. How's that for personal, honest exposure?

Sure hope I haven't totally bored you all-- I will still post about fun stuff the family is doing-- I promise! Updated Taj Mahal tent post coming soon - they're working away as we speak!


Carrie said...

I envy you going raw. I couldn't do it for two reasons. 1. all the nuts--they are a no no in this house 2. I LOVE cheese--of which I am trying to distance myself. I am thinking of add lots more raw stuff to my diet at least. Gotta save my pennies for that juicer. Matt says my b-day which isn't until August. UGH!

Let me know if it's ok to bring the kids some banana cake tomorrow or will you be too tempted with it in the house?

Carrie said...

Oh yeah one more thing. I think you are looking at some wacky chart--you are not obese!

But I'll hit the trail with ya!

Lauri said...

I agree with Carrie - you are not obese...we all have a few extra "kiddo" pounds and it sounds like you have found something that will work for you!! You have nothing but love and support from this part of the country, Ms. Jen..

Love you lots!!

Chuck said...

Don't take the BMI chart *too* seriously. Also, you're not alone. I lost 30 pounds last year and put it all back on since Amy got pregnant. The hard part is just getting past the self-deprecation and feelings of hopelessness (for me anyway) to actually make the move to get back on the wagon, which I think is coming soon under Dr's orders. Good luck!