Friday, March 14, 2008

Shouts of Joy

We spent a quiet evening 'out' at dinner -if you can call our family quiet-lol! After dinner Mark decided we needed to do our part to keep the economy going. First item in hand:
If you remember, our last tent was ripped/rotted from excessive use and sun damage. This tent holds 8 people- and no, I still don't plan on being one of them :)

Next item:
Time to spruce up the summer tenting experience-- what better way to add ambiance?!

Next up:

Jacob didn't have his own chair. The one Daddy carved for him from an old tree stump just isn't all that practical for the inside of a tent, if ya know what I mean! So, Jacob was as excited as could be to have his own chair- I can pretty much guarantee that when he disappears tomorrow I'll find him in the basement sitting in it. And our last item- new plastic bottles to store yummy green smoothies in-- ooh aahhh-

Hey- I was excited because I've wanted them for quite awhile now :) We just happened to turn the corner in the store, and there they were-- begging to come home with us-- it was a sign! Right Mark??

And 4 little ones shouting with excitement and "can we use the tent tomorrow- when daddy- next week- it'll be dry enough- come on daddy! You're the best daddy!" completes our evening.


Carrie said...

Now you have NO excuse not to camp with us!! I'm setting a date. Wait how about this---all the boys can camp in our yard and we can stay inside. (The men can work on the house at the same time!!) Sound like a good idea?!?!

I saw the juicer, now I see the bottles, when do I get a taste?!?!? Hello I LIKE healthy!


Lauri said...

That Markie is all right - now he has a new tent to "escape" to when he needs a little shut eye...oh, and camp outs with the kiddos, too!! looks like a nice one...

luv ya