Friday, March 21, 2008


With the Easter Season upon us, I'm finding eggs everywhere I look- and it got me thinking- yes that can be rare :). There is so much you can do with a simple egg. They are a symbol of life, and for Christians specifically during Easter, symbolic of new, abundant life granted by Jesus's death. They can be used for unlimited homeschool lessons- a Science lesson on mixing solvents to make colors stick. A History lesson on the old ways of using dyes to color things. Another History lesson on traditions and why eggs are used during Easter.

We attempted to combine all of those ideas in one afternoon-- plus it makes a great justification to get away from the books for an afternoon :)

We tried a new 'egg' recipe of Tye-died eggs. Ours didn't come out looking anything like the picture, but we still liked them. The directions called for 'vibrant' food coloring and I'm thinking ours was anything but vibrant. Another lesson in following specific directions I suppose.

Then there's the egg lesson in Candy-Making. Take Mom's famous peanut-butter, chocolate-covered eggs. And her cherry filled eggs-- YUM! I was really going to be good this year and have one- or maybe two- and exemplify the important lesson of sharing. Honestly!

Guess we'll have to save that lesson for next year. You can have the little crumb if you'd like. If I don't get to it first.
Maybe I'll learn my lesson next year. So much from a little egg. Happy Easter!!


Carrie said...

We can't do eggs in our house because of Josh's allergies. I can't get past the fear that they will break on him or he'll have a reaction just by handling the shells. I love to make crazy colors and miss the messy fun.

I could go for one of those chocolate eggs though YUM! But again we don't typically "make" chocolate in the house because of the milk--that boy is lucky I love him so much ;)if only I had a friend to supply me with chocolate when my son wasn't around ;)

Have a great weekend. We are getting the YUMMY Chinese food tomorrow!!!


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