Monday, March 17, 2008

first play

The day has finally arrived-- Elisha's first production in a school play-- this one was based on the story of The Three Trees. His hard work paid off and he loved every minute-- these picts were from the dress rehearsal last week~ the final production included painted leaves on their faces. You can barely see Elisha- he's in the back row on the right side.

Tree man~

These are very poor-quality camera clips, but they're for our family far away :)

Look close- he's there way in the back~

He was a 'toy soldier' tree- Mom was pretty proud :)

Woody the Wood-Cutter~ The song that is forever stuck in our minds- even Jacob knows all the words.

Happy Easter!


Carrie said...

The play was really cute! I'm so glad we were invited!!

Elisha did a great job! We could tell he was singing his heart out!

See ya Thursday!


Lauri said...

What a wonderful production!! Elisha, you are my favorite tree EVER!!!

Great job! Miss ya like crazy

Luv ya