Sunday, May 18, 2008

Accomplished Goals

Every parent has to brag a little on their perfect children, right? It's my turn today.

It was a week of accomplishments-- Elisha FINALLY completed his first Suzuki Volume in Piano. While he does play very well, the piano is definitely NOT on his priority list, and he fought playing every minute- so we made him a deal- work hard and finish Volume 1, then you can quit. After blood, sweat, and a few (OK- MANY) tears of frustration, he graduated! WooHoo Elisha!

Much to his teacher's (and Mom's) dismay, we related his playing to hammering nails on a house- there was no such thing as a 'light' touch in his vocabulary- I suppose everyone has their own signature style- pounding would be Elisha's :)

This was his favorite song.

His favorite duet:

After the graduation recital, off to karate where he and Daddy won trophies for champion of the year. Elisha won 3rd place and Daddy 1st place. (They were awarded points for each tournament they went to.) Go guys! Mom might have to compete next year to bring home some trophies of her own... look out! :)

Now that's some pretty big accomplishments in this Mom's eyes! :)


Lauri said...

WOW - what accomplishments!! See, a little hard work and a lot of patience and look at what you can do!! Good job Elisha! Markie - I always knew you would do it....congrats to you, too!

Lauri said...

Jen - you deserve all the credit also as you are the motivator, taxi driver, make them practice, encourage the job well done kind of mom that the whole family needs...

love ya!