Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Busy weekend- what else is new?

Another work weekend passed and lots accomplished. Job of the week-- clearing and cutting lots of trees, weeds, sticks at Grandma and Tony's-- enough to keep little boys -and big ones too- busy for days. First up-- arrival- to snow?? No-- pollen- or some kind of 'stuff' coming off of the trees- and LOTS of it! For the first time in many years we didn't get a spring frost and the stuff coming off of the trees was EVERYWHERE-- thankfully no one in our family has trouble with allergies.

It looked just like a fresh dusting of snow...The children even attempted some 'pollen'-balls.

And time to get to work-- the smoke is pouring from their brains as the plan-of-attack is formed. :)

Elisha- right in the middle of the action as usual.Men and their toys-- feel the power!

Not too bad for a days work--
Always leave time to play-- Grandma was wanted inside for a tea party-- Jacob had to endure it too- as long as he had some treats he didn't mind.
A job well done- and not much of the evening's feature movie was watched.
Trace Atkins' song -"You're Gonna Miss This" is all too true-- this is the first outing for the 'big boys' to Grandma and Grandpa's house without Mom-- they're growing up SO fast- and little sis's CAN'T wait for them to come home -even though they take all of their toys. :)

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