Monday, May 19, 2008

Country Roads

Drives in the country can be so relaxing-- Amish country is no exception- especially when you don't get caught in the impending storm~

A must see attraction is the Warther's Carvings Museum. The story behind the man responsible for the carvings is one of inspiration. Check their site at Their grounds are meticulously maintained.Full of springtime sparkle~ Amazing inspiration from Mrs. Warther's Button Collection Art.Ivory was one of Mr. Warther's favorite things to carve and surprisingly quite heavy! Mark Warther (Mr. Warther's Grandson) makes the visit even more special by spending time with the children and making them their own wooden pliers.He signs each pair. The pliers started as a solid block of wood-- he made only 10 cuts with a knife- made NO shavings... and in 45 seconds ended up with this.Pretty amazing! Mr. Warther's parting plea to the children: "PLEASE don't let the TV rob you of your life!" How true indeed! Visits to miniature playhouse 'yards' are extra fun for little ones. There are some pretty amazing ones here~ Of course this was the girls' favorite. "Mommy- we could paint and decorate the inside and eat in there too!" Until next time, dream big! How's this for inspiration? ONE man made this ENTIRELY out of wood, ivory and pearl- even the letters are carved from ivory, then placed individually by inlay into the wood using NO glue! What will you accomplish this week?

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Chuck said...

What will I accomplish this week? Keeping a 3-month-old happy as much as possible. Perhaps less time consuming than wood and ivory trains, but just as rewarding! :)

Thanks for the pics and vids!