Friday, May 16, 2008

Sprouting 101

One of the additions to an economical, healthier lifestyle has included sprouts to our diet. This post is for my southern-bell friend :) to show her, and the rest of my readers, the super-simplicity of sprouting your own seeds. All sprouting means is that you are making the seed come to life, by releasing their living enzymes and life-force inside. And that means great things for your body. You can probably sprout just about any seed and for more in-depth rules and regulations, just Google 'sprouting' or 'sprouts' -whatever you prefer. This is my rule-free, EASY method.

First: obtain glass jar-- a canning quart jar works great.
Add one of these nifty sprouting lids -you can obtain them online -again, Google 'sprouting lid' or check out your local co-op/health food store. Or use cheesecloth with a rubber-band to secure. Next, add sprouts. There are TONS to choose from. Today, we are making alfalfa sprouts. DO NOT -I repeat, DO NOT add too many. They WILL multiply a thousand-fold!! I only covered the bottom of my jar with these teeny-tiny seeds. Did I mention NOT to add too many seeds? Cover seeds and fill jar with water.Secure sprouting lid and allow little seedlets to rest by soaking overnight in their bedding of water. Each seed requires a different amount of soaking time. Personally, I just let all of mine sit overnight-- keep it simple. You can get high-tech and find the specific soaking time by reading the directions that come on your package, or if you've purchased your seed in bulk and they don't have directions-- you guessed it-- Google 'sprout germination time' :) Upon awaking- shake, rattle, and roll! Stir those little buggers up, drain water, add more water and do it again. Flip jar upside down in your drain or put at a 45 degree angle in a larger bowl. This allows sprouts to continue draining, while still allowing air into the jar. Almost forgot- cover the jar with something. You don't want those little sprouts getting light yet. Preferably use something a little prettier than my old dish rag.Repeat process 'officially' 5-6 times per day. My method- when I walk past them, I uncover them, fill the jar with water, shake them and drain them. It takes 10 seconds and sometimes they get more rinsing, sometimes less. This is what they look like after a warm day. After a few days- sometimes only 1, and this all depends on the warmth, sunniness, and weather, when your little sprouts are at their- or 'your' desired length, uncover them and let the sun work it's magic. They'll quickly become lean, mean, and green. GREEN is GOOD! :)

I told you not to add too many seeds-- see HOW much they multiply?

Add to salads, sandwiches or tiny hands that will make a BIG mess all over your kitchen :) Store any extra in the fridge- removing to rinse a few times a day-- and DRAIN VERY WELL. They should last a few days if you keep rinsing and draining them- if you don't, they'll get moldy.

Now, put down that cookie that you're munching on at 12:20 am and get your jar ready to fill with these yummy morsels of goodness! Not that I'm doing that right now. Nah.

PS-- just a quick disclaimer-- the key-lime pie I spoke of in the post a few days ago, was NOT raw, vegan, OR healthy :( But it was oh so good :) I know, I know.... I'm defeating only myself... Did I mention how good it was?? And when you Google 'best key lime pie' - oohhh the results! Back to sprouting... have fun!!

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Lauri said...

Those actually look yummy!! You are soooo talented...but even so, I'd rather have the key lime wonderful..

I know, I know, only defeating myself...but you gotta live a little too, right?

Love ya!