Monday, May 12, 2008

Impromptu weekend

Sometimes weekends with no planning are the best. Mark called home Friday afternoon to inform me -"get the kids ready- the airshow's here tomorrow and I don't have to work." NO argument from me!Before we even made it to any airplanes one of the sponsors offered a free rock-climbing wall. (the sponsor: JEEP to be exact -complete with free test drives- GOOD thing I'm not a 'buy-on-credit', payment-lovin' kind of gal! Did I ever mention that someday having a Jeep Wrangler is yet another goal of mine- even if just for one summer??)

Elisha and Lydia did quite well- Elisha made it to the top. Elizabeth couldn't miss out on the action either~ And let's not forget Jacob! The highlight of the show: the F-22 Raptor -- WOW!!!
OK-- why is Mom so excited about this piece of machinery? Short story-- when I was in school one of my life's ambitions was to head to the Air Force and fly jets-- my parents even took me to the Academy to check it out. Had the grades, but lacked the eyesight. End of story. Looking back I know I also lacked the confident personality to hang with the tough fly-boys. All is well- wouldn't trade my little homeschooling Mom lifestyle for anything. uh-most days that is :) That said...

There are some options to get a 'jet' experience. You could head to Russia to fly in a MIG for a mere $20,800. No offense to any Russian fans, but since I have no desire to head there, that option is out. And I suppose the price tag is just a bit high. That's pretty unfortunate because I figure that's my most likely way to get a 'make-ya-lose-anything you've eaten the past week' and 'pass out a few times' thrill :)

There ARE other options... :) Now- fully aware these are not THE jets, I figure we could settle for an L39 trainer. Check out the Millionaire's Concierge- for a nice little fee of $7800 (sorry Mark, but that's just the cost for me), you get a pretty neat ride and let's not forget the private sea-side dinner included in the cost. And that's just option #1-- you should see option #2 on their site -private island dinner ! :)

OK- more realistically -sort of- (I'm assuming a few grand -still waiting for the email quote reply), you can get a MACH.9 Dream flight right here in eastern PA--hmmmmm.....

Now that you are fully educated on Jet rides and find yourself with nothing to do with your hard-earned cash, donations are now being accepted for JuJu's jetride-- leave a comment- we'll work out arrangements :) Or even better-- if there are any military types out there- what BETTER way for great PR than to have an all-American homeschooling Mom take a ride in the best the Nation can offer??? What better way for GREAT pro-American publicity for the Nation's Armed Forces!?!?! :) Again-- leave a comment- we'll make the arrangements :)

Enough with the planes and onto dinner-- tried a new restaurant-- the children loved the island atmosphere at Bahama Breeze. Mom found another new love: key lime pie. Never had it before and I actually liked it over Mark's Chocolate Island dessert. Lucky for him- I didn't steal his like I usually do -well not much of it anyway.

And what airshow day could be complete without our first full-night's sleep in the tent-- and VERY chilly night might I add! :)

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