Friday, May 23, 2008

Kitchen Decor

Most people have delicious goodies or pretty bowls lining their kitchen shelves-- not us.

Nope-- our shelves are lined with vials and vials of fruit flies. They seem to have made a permanent residence here. Yum Yum-- wanna come over for dinner? Who new feeding a praying mantis would take so much food-- er, bugs? Had to rush a special shipment because they were out of food- and they aren't too fond of anything much bigger than a fruit fly- our little bugs found outside didn't seem to be good enough for them :) More pictures coming soon.

Had to throw in this picture of my tent flowers- I threw them in the ground almost 2 months ago and they are STILL living-- that's a HUGE accomplishment for my green thumb. Maybe that's why they're alive- I forgot about them and haven't touched them :)


Chuck said...

Congrats on the plant survival. Plants usually wither and die in mine and Amy's parching gaze.

Karen said...

Lovely picture of your kitchen!!