Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Order

For our local readers-- our first Good Apples Home Delivery arrived today:

The packaging was exceptional- and it's great to know they'll recycle the boxes and gel packs. Even greater~ I shopped in my pj's sipping tea and watching International Dance Competition. There was one broken yogurt container~ I think the pineapple squished it, but thankfully they wrapped the yogurt in plastic so it didn't make a mess. I'll say no more about it, and apologize if I've bored you-- it's just that anything that makes life simpler around here is pretty exciting for us :)

1 comment:

Lauri said...

Wow Jen - that is great - What a time saver for ya - I really wish we had something like that around here...I know you'll be a "frequent flier" when it comes to this service...