Sunday, January 18, 2009

for my family in the desert

This post is especially for my western family :) -and please excuse my poor snow-photo capabilities :(
Journey through the pine trees into a land like Narnia~
Kiddo's were ready for play in 1 1/2 feet of snow~ Unfortunately, the temperature was dangerously cold, so play could only last a few moments~
But with Gma's fresh cookies awaiting, that's A-OK!
And just a few moments of snow play make for very sleepy children!


Lauri said...

I'll have you know that we have a place that looks very similar to that....well, it's white at least, but sand, not snow - you don't have to wear nearly as much clothing and can usually stay out a lot longer, but you always run the risk of the same kind of over exposure, especially on a windy day....oh, and the sand that gets into crevices doesn't melt...looks like everyone had a great time - I think those bundles are the kiddos - am I right?....
Love ya

Chuck said...

Hey I remember that house. I seem to remember some jokes about pins being made. :) You can just smell the disappointment even under all that warm winter wear in the fourth picture, can't you?