Saturday, January 31, 2009

where has mr. rainforest frogger been today?

Here is an update on my travels today. I started out with an incredibly yummy breakfast at our first night's hotel stay.
Although, I'm not too sure this man was all that thrilled on sharing his manly Mickey Mouse waffle. Guess he decided it was OK to share because he carried me on to Hollywood Studio's. It was cold. And wet. And cold-- did I mention it was a bit chilly? But that's OK-- because I do want to come visit the snow sometime soon. This is me on the main street of Hollywood Studio's. The wife of the man pictured above thought she had a really neat photo of Mickey's Sorcerer Hat in the background, but she really can't take photos very well. Look hard, I really am in that tree.
We all enjoyed the new Toy Story Mania ride. And I have to say-- the woman who's trying to take these pictures isn't a very good gaming gal either. Every one of her children beat her scores. That's pretty bad.
I must ask you to forgive this family's unconscious eating. But, the gigantic turkey legs were too much for these little children to resist. And like their father, they aren't too keen on sharing. Especially this little boy. I promise to make much better food choices if you will just bring me to your home.After we worked up another appetite, we found our way to our next dining reservation-- Ohana at the Polynesian resort. WOW! We weren't expecting much, but it was a never-ending Polynesian feast of incredible food. I must note here that the food was not vegetarian in nature. Man, can this family eat! (Side note from the author-- seriously-- this is a YUMMY place with a neat atmosphere if you like meats--) We had a super special treat when we found we could view the Magic Kingdom's wishes fireworks right from our table- complete with the music-- beautiful!
Here, I'm just hanging around-- dreaming of a Polynesian vacation of my own. I must hop away for now. The lady who can't take pictures very well is falling asleep, so until I find a place you will find me, good night ~
the Rainforest Frogger


Lauri said...

Mr. Rainforest Frogger - you are one lucky leaper.....mmmm turkey legs...poor Jacob - he looks soooooo hungry...feed that boy, would ya!! Funny, my Mickey waffles look nothing like those....hope it warms up (and dries up) soon -

The Toy Story Mania ride ROCKS!!! We waited 1-1/2 hours both times we rode it - amazing, isn't it?! Well worth it...

Carrie said...

LOVIN' Froggie's adventures!!

We're so sorry that he had to eat such things but looks like he's having a splendid time!

(The boys are excited to see what you've posted every time I turn on my pc--thanks for upping the excitement here!)