Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where in the World...

is Rainforest Frogger today?
Let's see... visiting the Animal Kingdom.
(author's sidenote-- this is an incredibly gorgeous place-- and the most we will ever experience it. A stay here would sadly cost a large chunk of the lottery winnings that we don't play. But, it is an awesome place to see! sigh...)

Just hanging around. Lookin' for some company from the Savannah. Snitching some juice from this crazy lady's glass. Ah-- but not just any juice-- it's jungle juice from the BOMA restaurant. If you can't stay at the resort, dine in one of their restaurants for a taste of the Savannah. What a YUMMY breakfast experience-- makes ya think you really are in Africa-- lots of American fare, plus African specialties. Geez--- you'd think all this family does is eat! Celebrating birthdays with this little girl. Beating on African drums. Escaping the Yeti on Mount Everest. Which, by the way, a certain little 6 year old thinks is the most awesome ride invented-- but she can't make it through the 'Dinosaur' ride. Deciding if I just want to go back to my roots-- look close on big brother's head. Come ON guys! Find my final resting place so I can be found!

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Carrie said...

LOVE African food---may have to hop over there too.

Looks like it's not raining on you guys anymore!!

You mentioned that it was cold-chilly-and on the cool side---just remember it is 25 degrees here!!!!

Waiting for more!!