Sunday, February 1, 2009


This crazy family took be to visit the Fort Wilderness Resort. UNBELIEVable!!! Since this lady REALLY can't take photo's well-- you should check it out here. It's amazing. And since, once again, the cost of lodging here is a bit out of our range, a little visit will have to do. And worth every minute---- (so is the Hoop De Do show-- at the Wilderness campground, but thankfully someone forgot to take pictures-- definitely worth the money! Oh-- and granola girl-- once again, not vegetarian.) The boat ride over to the campground is pretty neat too-- especially with the night 'parade' of lights.

There is something wrong with this picture-- other than the photo quality. Look at the lifeguards (in red)-- they're wearing winter 'snow suits'. That's not good.

And we're off for the day! And since I know the family I'll be living with won't allow me to watch it upon my return--- GO STEELERS!!!!! ;)

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Carrie said...

It can't be THAT cold! Those guys are just weak! ;)

Looks like you guys are hitting all the best resorts LOL!

As for no veggie foods---see why we didn't buy the meal plan, would have been a waste of money for us.

I'm starting to plan out my packing today!!!