Friday, February 13, 2009

Day of Love

It's possible that I may have been heard saying Valentine's Day is just a conspiracy with the card companies, florists, restaurants, and jewelers to cash in. My theory was brought back to memory after explaining to Lydia that love is NOT "... every kiss begins with Kay," as she's been telling me all week.

Oh, relax people. I'm not that cold hearted. Daddy even bought his little girls some flowers. Even though they're almost ridiculously fake-- look at the water. What natural flowers turn water that color? But Lydia and Elizabeth don't care-- they're just excited that their favorite guy got them flowers. In a few short years could someone please remind them that he's their favorite guy?? :)
And Mommy did cave and make these cute little Valentine boxes. Check them out from the Crafty Crow. Mine weren't quite as cute as theirs, but I'm sure they'll still be loved.

So, even though you should every day, snatch up your loved ones and tell them ya love them! And, no, my guy didn't forget me-- we just beat the rush and had dessert at a yummy restaurant a day early.

...we'd rather do that, then go to the stores tomorrow and laugh at all the poor guys scavenging the floral arrangements at the last minute-- snicker snicker :)

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Chuck said...

As you may or may not recall, I hate valentine's day for the same reason. Fortunately, it's morphed into Nick's birthday and about 1 week before our wedding anniversary instead. I'm much more apt to celebrate those holidays.

It looks like you had a great time, though!