Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blue Sky

This little Frogger is a Happy Frog. The blue skies returned. But so did the cold. I'm frozen tonight. So is the family carrying me around-- but never fear, that didn't stop another eventful day. I felt right at home with Nemo and Crush. So did the 4 year old of the family. Crush is SO cool dude!
I could get used to warm sand.... (notice I said WARM) We journeyed into our imaginations~
And saw how neat it would be to grow all this food in your back yard.
Had some treats-- these kids don't share very much either. They tell me "mommy takes too many bites, so we don't share."
Spent 1/2 of the day on the track. The kids LOVE this ride.
Started saying good-bye to a little guy, for tomorrow is the day I'll be left behind.
Guess what?!? This family was hungry again. Yay for Coral Reef!
Lovin' the birthday celebrations!
And tonight I leave you with 2 things. First-- granolagirl, make nice with your husband :) and consider spending a few days for your anniversary at the Epcot countries. You could stay at a nice resort, and it'd be like going to the country without leaving the country. Just a thought.
Second- It's time for Rainforest Frogger to be left behind. Tomorrow is the day.....


Carrie said...

Thanks so much again for showing us your adventures!!

Glad the sun is shining for you!! We are changing our packing plans to included lots of warm clothes which means we may have to check a bag *ugh*

Looks like you guys had a great time but it seemed so quick, hope it felt it longer for you guys then us watching.

Can't wait to switch places with you!!!

Lauri said...

There's my picture of Test Track!! Woo Hoo! What a neat ride - soooo glad the sun was shining for at least part of your visit - seems like it's ending so quickly and I'm not even there with ya!! I love to see the vegetables and fishies and how they grow produce...that's another one of my favorites! Thanks so much for the memories....can't wait to get back...can't wait to see you guys again, too! When ya coming down this way..I have lots of WARM (really) sand for Rainforest Frogger....