Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm a happy frog, hubba hubba hubba hubba hubbah

I, Mr. Rainforest Frogger, did not doubt, waver, or ever lack the faith that they would come out on top. I stood here by the TV all the while, always believing. Seriously. Even though the man carrying me around was beginning to get a little agitated, I was right there with the team.

See- just like I said. :)

All is well. And the STEELERS have done it again! Hip Hip Hoorayyyyyyy!!!

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Lauri said...

Hooah!!!!We were happily cheering (although not unaminously) when they scored the last TD - very nice show, Steelers - lots of stress filled moments and excitement - just like always - like coach said - Steelers football is 60 minutes and it ain't gonna be pretty...but man, it sure was cool!

Love ya