Sunday, February 1, 2009

All in a Day

I've jumped for joy for the sun.
Rode on spaceship Earth. Flown to Mars while a little 7 year old cried the whole way.
Visited Spain.
Beat on some more drums.
Visited with a princess.
Got jealous because of the gorgeous flowers in front of Germany.
Ate at yet another YUMMY restaurant. The Biergarten-- slurp!
Passed out from too much food.
Cheated death on the train tracks.
Rode on a donkey.
Blessed the USA.
Stole this guy's coffee.
Met Jasmine. Oohhhh Aaahhhhhh......
Had to take a breather after that. Stopped by Japan.
And got some new wheels. ah ha ha ha ha ha. Just kidding.

Didn't like the color any way.

All that in one day--- phew!


Carrie said...

Look at that BLUE sky!! What a world wind tour you took! How exhausted you must be! LOL!!

I'm thinking we need to pack warm clothes from the looks of what you all are wearing.

Xia is finally getting excited. She was dancing and singing "We're going to Mickey Mouse Club House this week" (She actually said 'this week' LOL!)

Where will you go today?!

Lauri said...

so....where are pictures of Test Track? Oh - that's right, there's a height requirement - sorry mr. froggy - maybe next time you'll be tall enough.....