Monday, February 2, 2009

Right at Home.

Frogs enjoy water, right? That's why I was very comfortably in my habitat. Let's clear some things up. Whoever says if it rains in Florida, it's just a quick passing shower, is mistaken.

Whoever says it's the sunshine state-- I beg to differ. It happens to be the coldest week they've had all winter. Yay. Lows In the 30's and 20's in a few days. But, I'll take highs of 50's over snow any day. (and granola girl- it should be perfectly in the 70s when you arrive-- lucky dogs.)

Is this not the cutest little guy you've seen?? Enough with the weather. It didn't stop us from an adventurous day. First stop- Star Tours

Good ride, but decided we'd rather blast off on a Mission to Space at Epcot.

Hung around Indiana Jones for awhile.

They cancelled the airplane finale of the show. Due to weather :( Oh well. Not sure what the big deal is. I could jump around far better and quicker than this Indiana guy. Had enough with the amateurs. Needed some real thrill. The kind that a 4 year old boy LOVED-- isn't that crazy-- a little guy like that begging for the Tower of Terror?! The most important part of the day? Finding Granola Girl a yummy restaurant that should work for her family. Hey Carrie-- check our Hollywood and Vine. Yummy- tons of salads-- and vegetarian fare. With, of course, some meats-- but lots to choose from without. And really yummy desert. Who would have thought the most coveted drink of the meal would be... drum roll please... Hot Cocoa? This is Florida people! That drink and that state should not be used in the same sentence! Enough food. This family will have to fast for weeks after this trip. Need to rest the bellies with some Beauty and Beast. Great show! Except that I could have added so much more to the production. Think a nightcap is in order. The best ride in all of the parks-- Rock and Roll Coaster! Even a girl named Lydia agreed. We were supposed to have a FANTASMIC ending to the evening-- even braved HUGE torrential raining downpours to see it. At show time (and not a minute before), they announced it was cancelled--- you guessed it-- due to weather. This family will just have to make up for that later.

Rainforest Frogger loves you all, but is just plain exhausted. Happy packing!


Carrie said...

Thanks SO much for getting us excited and showing us around!! Also I hope you bring the bad weather home with you.

We will have to check out that restaurant and the Beauty and the Beast show--I think Xia will like it and I guess Matt can just walk around the rest of the park;) I really hope we don't miss Fantasmic!!

Unfortunately we will not be taking a laptop so you will have to wait until we get home to see all our shenanigans! Matt won't be talked into taking a pc at all---bet he'll have his blackberry with him though >:(

Today we're buying "travel sized" things and starting to get a little more excited!!

Hope the weather clears up for you!!!

Lauri said...

I think I understand why the pictures from things like Test Track haven't appeared - they must be closed due to weather? That's a bummer, but like you say, guess its better than freezing still have a day or two though...Any chance it will clear up for ya?