Saturday, February 21, 2009

the color purple-- and red

Seems like we were just posting about a new karate belt, but it's time again. Today was test day- Funny how a parent can get more nervous for his/her child's test then they do their own.

Hard work paid off, and along with some character-building, nervous test moments, new ranks were acheived. Elizabeth likes purple, but would much prefer a new pink belt :)

And yes, we must throw in the picture of Elisha with his look of "MOM--- would you PLEASE put the camera away now!"

One tiny little red stripe closer along the journey...

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Lauri said...

I'm so proud of you guys! Must come up there soon - everyone is so big!! Elizabeth and Lydia - my favorite color is purple!! It looks very nice on both of you! Elisha, red stripes are also right up there on my favorites list!! You guys are working hard and it shows!!

Love ya!