Sunday, January 4, 2009

Good Apples Update

For anyone interested in the previous Good Apples post, I just placed my first 'at home' delivery from Good Apples and they have given me a 'Pass It On Code' for anyone I refer. If you use the code, you get a $2 coupon, plus the ability to earn more, as well as me-- so it's a win-win :) Here it is- just place the code at the end of your order:
Your Good Apples PASS IT ON Code is: gnm1d2
Thanks! Have a great week!
Here's the fine print about the program:
Pass It On Discount Program With Pass It On, you can earn money to spend on all your favorite Good Apples products. Here's how it works: Give your Pass It On Code to ANYONE eligible to order with us (existing or new customers welcome). They can use it as a coupon during checkout to receive $2 off their order of $10 or more. You may pass your code to as many friends as you like. When your code is used by an existing Good Apples customer, you’ll earn a $2 Good Apples credit after their order is delivered. When your code is used by a first-time customer, you get an extra dollar for a total of $3 in credits. Get five (5) or more first-time customers to use your code and earn an additional $5.00 credit. This means you can earn a total of $20 for bringing five new customers to Good Apples! Likewise, you can use a friend's PASS IT ON code for a one-time savings of $2 off an order of $10 or more. You can use one (1) PASS IT ON code per order provided that the code IS NOT your own and you have not used the code previously. This promotion will be available for a limited time.

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htkhtk said...

I used your good apples code! Thanks!
Here is mine if you want another two dollars off: rdacfq