Wednesday, April 16, 2008

21 Days Ago...

I began my new 'quest' of sorts. In an effort to shed some extra baggage, and more importantly become a little healthier, I embarked on a more 'raw-like' program. And how did it go?

I have certainly not, by any means, arrived at my goal. BUT- I feel better, and that's what's important. Only dropping a few pounds, I figure that's better that gaining a few more and any progress is good.

What I did right: began juicing in the morning again- and while I really dislike juiced carrots and greens- they make me feel so good- it's a kind of good you just can't explain to people. It's almost like you can feel your body's cells soaking up the nutrition and giving you instant energy.

What I did wrong: I ate more veggies, but when going 'out' they usually came on top of lots of bread- even though it was whole wheat and properly 'combined', not the best- that probably stopped a lot of the success I would have had. Live and learn and do better. I also indulged tons on my Mom's great cooking over the weekend-- how can you resist your favorite meals?? And that opened package of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies-- those little suckers are just the perfect bite-sized little tidbits...

So, aside from too much bread, and a weekend of not controlling myself- my own stupid fault, (did I mention the trip to Harry and David's and their Moose Munch free sample days - aghhhh!!?) I feel like this is a journey just beginning. Whole foods just make you feel good- especially in their natural state. I've finally found a nutritious substitute for my coffees and Lattes- woo hoo! In 21 days, I only had 1 fully-loaded, sinful coffee drink- that's a HUGE improvement for me- and last night I actually 'craved' a pear from the above picture-- over a chocolate bar- now that's true progress! I'm learning to take it one day at a time- and all of those days will quickly add up! (Right?) :)

On with the journey...

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Lauri said...

A pear over chocolate? Huh? It's obvious that you are an imposter and not the real Juju - hee hee - not really - so proud of you!! As long as the bread and mom's cooking is consumed in moderation, I say don't worry about what could have been and just focus on feeling good!! You have to have a little fun, right?

You're inspiring me to do keep up the good work!

Luv ya

PS how are all the babies?