Wednesday, April 9, 2008

About those flowers...

I know, I know-- I said no flowers. BUT-- the bench still looked REALLY lonely :(

Pansies don't really count as flowers because they'll die half-way through the season.

And lilies don't count because under normal conditions, they'll re-appear every year. I say normal, because I'll find some way to kill them if the deer don't first. Or, Mark will weed-whack them off because they look like a weed to him. (By the way- he did notice the puny little shrubs on his own-- I was impressed!)
Plus, the deer needed some extra food anyway :)

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Lauri said...

Sorry Jen - have to disagree - anything that has purple petals is a flower...but...I do agree that they don't last long enough to be flowers that one would enjoy for anytime at all...the deer, however, will thank you over and over...everything looks lovely!!