Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Activity

It's been a gorgeous spring full of activity-- and I'm a little behind on my posts. Last week the children had lots of fun with good-ole sidewalk chalk. As you can see they found some more uses for it and weren't very happy when it was time to come inside.
A true work of art- that PapPap was glad the rain washed away :)

From sidewalk chalk to fun Science Center classes~Elizabeth loves the plastic ball machine~ and kept Carrie really busy with the endless pieces of KNEX. From the Science Center, it was tent time at last. But, rain was in the forecast... no problem-- a little rain is peaceful anyway, right?? Tiki torches lit, popcorn ready, marshmallows done, and Mom- yes Mom, ready to brave the wild for the night~ and 4 children should definitely be considered wild! Then it started to rain~ But a little rain during movie-time is soothing~

Until after movie-time when everyone is fast asleep- except Mom that is, the rain turns into a monsoon-- and we discover the tent is anything but waterproof! Little Lydia and Elizabeth woke up to find they were sleeping in puddles, and Mom had rain spitting in her face. At 12:30am- the tent was abandoned! Not too sure Mom will join them again anytime soon- it gave Mark too much pleasure laughing at me.

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Lauri said...

Nice to see that PapPap understands the wonder that is sidewalk chalk...lucky for him, you guys get a lot of rain up there - Mady's welcome home sign on the driveway for me lasted 4 months!!
Luv ya!