Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Flury of activity

It's spring-- and that means lots of projects. First up: a new, old-fashioned lawn mower for Elisha-- he spent the afternoon happily pushing it around- wonder how long that will last? :) He was pretty excited to be a big guy now and be able to help in home responsibilities-- and what better way to teach work ethic?
Next stop, time to smell the posies~ even though I know most people dread the dandelion weeds, I've always loved them. So does Elizabeth :) Time to add a fence to the infinity yard-- I keep telling the guys they make really neat infinity-edged pools that would work out great back there :) On to lessons in patience while Daddy's in the bike-mechanic business. Time for best friends... until Elizabeth steals Lydia's bike. And what better way to finish off spring activity, than with a messy, ice-cream treat face?!

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