Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hundreds of Babies

For inquiring minds, nope, not just one praying mantis addition- Monty II had around 100. I've read they can sometimes have up to 200. Whoa!

Guess that's why Mark ordered so many flightless fruit flies. Not very appetizing when I opened the fridge door for dinner last night! He claimed they had to stay there to calm them down before he fed them to the big bugs. I think they may have made a nice sprinkling on top of his dinner- which is what I threatened to do if they weren't removed from the refrigerator! :)
And how are the little offspring today, you ask? A little anti-climatic. They've spent the day as still as can be- sucking on a little water in a cotton ball and eating a few fruit flies. Sleep and eat, sleep and eat. At least we don't have to diaper them. :)

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