Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The voice was too loud...

I should have been washing windows today. Or organizing the end-of-year school chaos. Or reading with the children. But it was TOO loud-- the voice of the store. It said "Jacob REALLY NEEDS sunglasses. Look at him outside crying because the sun's so bright!"

I HAD to be obedient- after all, you have to set that example in order to teach it to your children right? And there's poor little Jacob with a true need!

We loaded up and off to our favorite ( >:I ) national retail chain we went. I promised myself NO flowers this year. What's the use- they just die halfway through the season and with the hope of some outside renovation, they'll just get in the way. I'll save myself the hassle and Mark the money--see, I'm always thinking of you darling :)

But then there's that new tent area... it sure looks bare and lonely- kind of un-inviting. And I didn't make any promises about that... Look at it-- that pitiful lonely bench. And I said no flowers - I never said anything about shrubs. Sure am glad Mark taught the kids how to plant :) And look- those nifty white flowers are solar-powered! Had to add a little 'tackiness' to the tenting area :) Now once those little bushes (one little speck on each side of the bench) brave the deer and grow a bit, don't you think it'll look MUCH better?? :) And I guarantee that Mark will NEVER notice them, unless he reads this blog- or the children open their cute little mouths :) Suppose I should go do something constructive!

P.S. Jacob LOVES his new sunglasses! :)

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Lauri said...

That's much better - no spam allowed!! Here's to hoping for no more freezes this season - it sure looks nice out there - I'm sure the kids can't wait to get out there!

Love you all