Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So many different personalities

Our kitchen table has been used for many things the past few days. From testing, to eating, to somehow fitting in this little project- and I REALLY have NO idea how :)

We were making (err- attempting) tissue paper art where first you draw a shape, then cut little squares out of tissue paper. Place the middle of the tissue paper square over the eraser-end of a pencil. Crinkle tissue paper, dip in glue, then place onto your shape.

Elisha's strong-willed personality came out in full force. "I don't want to- it won't do what I want it to, so I'm doing this." His picture turned out beautifully and is now decorating Daddy's book for work.Elizabeth's free-flowing form showed abundantly when she decided tissue-paper flowers needed to decorate her entire page, not just her shape. Jacob just plain didn't get the hang of it, but he had a blast-- he decided he didn't want to show it in this picture. Or he was mad that Mom finally cut off his 1/2 bottle glue supply.

And Lydia's pretty, frilly, girly style was perfectly displayed in her work-of-art butterfly. But, Mom forgot to take a picture of her holding it. Sorry Lydia.

All those personalities sure make life interesting around here!

PS-- Daddy fixed the tent-- yay!


Lauri said...

Very nice job you guys!! Each one unique and special - Lydia - I'm sure yours is gorgeous too!!

luv ya!

The Coyer Family said...

I just gotta say, "You go girl, Jen!! So cool to see you educating your children in your home!!" Their art work is beautiful---your artistic talents are rubbing off on them I am sure. Also, I like your "raw" healthy snack ideas. :) Thanks for sharing.....Stephanie