Friday, April 13, 2007

And We're Off!

Final Status Update: Ironing: Complete Baths: Done Packing clothes: Done-- it was however a bit difficult after realizing all suitcases were already packed for Disney-- oops Packing the gas-slurping SUV: Done (Does it matter if we forget just 2 children?--JUST KIDDING) Remembering the movie for the DVD-player in the gas-slurping SUV: Check Remembering MONTY and the flightless fruit flies just in case it actually hatches: Got it >:I Wedding suits, shoes, undergarments, camera: Check, Check, Check Baby dolls, play trucks, Elizabeth's Black Beauty horse that's really white (Don't ask): Yup Last minute workout: Finished Money for stress-relieving Caribou Coffee on the way: you betcha! We're Off!!!!!!

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