Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hi all- today is just a 'rambling' of sorts. Been having computer difficulties- but thanks to our awesome, extremely highly-paid computer tech (aka PapPap), at least I can get online again. Thank goodness I don't have to figure any of this out-- I'd never be able to even get online myself:)! Still having some trouble that's puzzling all of us, but we'll take this for now! Just a side-note: I did find out that if you're having trouble with the font being broken up on my LiveSpaces site (, if you use Mozilla Firefox rather than Internet Explorer, the font is fine. For whatever reason, it's not liking IE.
And now for your Eastern US weather update: Yep--that would be rain- lots of rain--- the 4 little sunshines didn't last long- oh well. It's no wonder the stupid praying manits eggs don't want to hatch! Lauri-- I'm really NEEDING a visit to your part of the country!!! I'm trying, but can't get Mark to budge :) (yet-- ha ha!!) At least it's getting warmer. Have a great Wednesday all!

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Chuck said...

If you need tech help, I might be able to help you, too. I've built all of my PCs since 2001. You know where to find me.