Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter Again!

Everyone had a fun night-- the children all made their own specialty eggs :) Of course, all of Elizabeth's were yellow (her favorite color) and all of Lydia's were purple-- but Mom's eggs were the prettiest- Ha Ha! It can be so much fun to do old traditions that remind you of your childhood- coloring eggs was always one of the fun memories of my parent's and I- then my dad and I broke out Mom's yummy peanut butter eggs- only when she wasn't looking. (Quality control purposes, you know!)
We started a new 'tradition' and made Empty Tomb Cookies to be eaten in the morning. (OK-- so Mom couldn't wait and had to see if they worked after the kids went to bed- they worked:) The recipe can be found at They are great to portray the Christian Easter Story with your children. When opening the oven in the morning and biting into the cookies, they will be hollow, just like the tomb. The following pict. is of Jacob 'beating' the pecans- please don't ask what ice-cream cones have to do with Easter :).
At least the ice cream cones are in Easter colors. That's Elizabeth investigating the 'tombs.' Have a great Easter tomorrow all! PS-- Welcome home Bennett family!

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