Friday, April 6, 2007

Happy Spring and Happy early Easter Everyone! Yes-- it is April, yes this is what is looks like outside--- the children all want to go sled-riding again-- at least it's a lot greener everywhere :) I do love the 'snow-globe' snow- just prefer it in late December :)

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lidia said...

Hello Jen!

How are you?I was glad to have heard from you.This blog is pretty neat, never heard of it!The kids are beautiful!This is the house we have been building, almost 1 year!Glad that the building process is behind us!The kids are doing well, getting big. Jody is really busy at work, starting his business.I will definetely communicate this way to you, this is the better way for me also. I would love to see you all.Tell Mark hello and glad for you, that Usairways stayed here also!Well have a wonderful easter and hope to hear from you soon again!bye Lidia