Friday, April 13, 2007


Just an update--- made it until 1:30 am-- then Elisha woke up because of a dream, came in bed with me and had me up until 3am, when I finally sent him back to bed.
Status report: packing in 33.3% done, nails 90% done (no need of polish until all baths and dishes are finished:), ironing is still 0% done, and all children are still in need of baths! Thankfully I can finish that here because it is way too cold and wet for them to get muddy 4-wheeling at Gma's house, and then have to bath them there. (Like there is really any time for quad riding anyway-- poor Elisha is a little upset on that because as you know--"Mom, I'm just not that excited about the wedding- it's just not a guy thing-- now what I'm really excited about is 'that' 4-wheeling!" Sorry bud!)
3 hours until departure so I'm off to iron- and attempt a very last minute workout-- karate green belt test is one week away-- no added pressure there-- ughhhhhhh!
Oh-- our awesome family member from the west has come up with the praying mantis sack's name--- Monty! As I write, Monty is perched on his stick, not having moved or showed any sign of action.................................... need I say more???

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