Saturday, April 28, 2007

What will 15 thousand dollars get you???

Thankfully, for the first time in days, I was able to get up and off of the couch! Unfortunately it was to head off to the funeral director's office yet once again in the last few years. On our very dreary, drizzly drive (what- you mean it does rain here in Pittsburgh??), I was observing the beautfiul green emerging from the grayness- the signs of new spring life all around. It couldn't help but to bring little glimpses of joy and hope amongst the grayness of loss. Now, if only Monty could understand the 'new life' cycle!!!
~Life-- new life, new hope, living, dying- but then moving on to a much happier place in total peace~
While in the funeral director's office, he gave us a 'federal' price guide to show us all of the bell's and whistles for Grandma's arrangements. Listed on the casket information were the prices of $3000-$15,000- yes 15 THOUSAND dollars for a casket ALONE. I had to ask-- 'could you please show me just what a $15,000 casket might look like?' The kind director obliged, and then told me he's sold one for $30,000. It was made of entirely pure gold. OK, then. Even if you are a millionaire, surely $30,000 could be put to much better use than being buried in the ground-- that's entirely my opinion and not worth squat, but that's what blogs are for, right? :) As we were nearing the end of the meeting, and after seeing the break-down of costs incurred (COME ON PEOPLE-- $800 HUNDRED dollars for the RIGHT alone to bury someone-- that should be a crime!) PapPap assured me that when it was his time, he would promptly go and dig his own grave a week or two before departing. :)
Great Grandma will be missed by all-- may she rest in peace.
Thanks to our great friends and family for being there- phone calls, visits, good 'ol chicken soup, and goodies! That's what life is about! Being there!

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