Sunday, April 22, 2007

Road Trip

Welcome Spring! It was BEAUTIFUL here today- no clouds at all and warm enough for shorts! May not sound that exciting, but for the weather of the last few weeks, it's a BIG deal :) Last week at this time my Mom was getting married in snow.
After visiting a new church, we all decided to go for a drive-(after enjoying a yummy breakfast buffet- I had nothing to do with it-- really-- ha ha!!!) we headed to the lake and found a special ice cream stand on the way. (That one I TRUELY had nothing to do with- totally Mark's idea!! ...for real! You all act as though you don't believe me:) Anyway... it was a 'delightful' day and the little ones are tuckered out. There'e nothing like the sun to lift your spirits! I'm getting anxious to plant some flowers, but know it's way too early.


Carrie said...

We too went out and about today. We headed to Uncle Sam's for lunch and then hit the Montour Trail---which I think the Weirton one is much better---wider, flatter and less busy. But we had a great time despite the crowd. Then we got Rita's and went to Clever Park. We came home to wash the camper and play in the sprinkler--just a little bit. We are all tired too!

I think we jumped past Spring thought---don't you think?

Carrie said...

Oh yeah what lake did you go to?

Anonymous said...

Hello Jen!It's me Lidia. Sorry I have not wrote to you, things here at the Libertos are crazy!!!Getting ready for Nadia's firt Holy Communion party on Sunday!!I loved the pictures of your kids for your moms wedding, very cute!Well I better go to bed, I am pooped, just ran 6 miles on treadmill!!Talk soon, All my love, Lidia